Coding knowledge is not required to contribute to this project. Below are some ways you can contribute if you would like to help:

  • Help me complete my todo list.
  • Improve the PentestBox documentation.
  • Translate the website or documentation to your native language.
  • Submitting bug reports.
  • Suggest features and functionalities.
  • Improve the PentestBox website UI.
  • Spread the word in at a conference, local meetup or in your circle.
  • Write reviews about PentestBox on websites/blogs.

Submitting Bug Reports

If you face any issue or error with any tool or functionality then you can submit a bug report on, create a issue on tracker or you can email me at

Please make sure to include following things when sending a Bug report.

  • Tool which is causing the issue
  • System Architecture: 32 bit or 64-bit
  • Command Used with the tool which caused that error
  • Screenshot of the error

Improving PentestBox Documentation

If you would like to improve PentestBox then you can make changes to docs github repo, it uses readthedocs to generate documentation. But if you are not aware of working of readthedocs framework, then you can send changes/suggestions to

Improve PentestBox Website UI

If you can make main website more awesome, that would be really helpful. All files of the PentestBox website are located at it's github repo.

Our Awesome Contributors

Below are the some of the awesome folks who have contributed their time in making PentestBox more awesome.

Note: This list was created on 1 July, 2016 after i started using readthedocs on